Festival of Fantasy – Malevolent Beast Bow

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This is a Special Edition item. Special Edition items are items that will go in and out of stock as needed. If this item is currently in stock, do not wait to purchase. Once sold out this item may not come back for months at a time.

If you choose to have the “fire” option, it serves as the clip type.

 (Orange is shown as Gold Below)

What you can do with them:

  • Wear them to theme parks at night! For events such as Fireworks, Fantasimic, and World of Color.
  • Wear them for any fun night time or glow in the dark activity!

How to Wear Light Up Strands:

  • You can trim the strands to your liking. I will not cut strands for you, if you do wish to cut them YOU must do it.
  • You can attach these to the Custom Minnie Ears and have the fibers stick out!
  • Braid them into your hair.
  • Wrap them in a messy bun.
  • Or just simply clip them to the outside of your hair.

About Light Up Strands

The top of the light strand will be covered by the bow (if you customize a bow with it), but you will still see a glow coming from underneath the bow for the Pink, RGB, Blue, White, and Red strands. Depending on the color you get, the on/off operation will be different. But instructions will be sent with your package.

Note: You cannot choose your clip type when adding a light strand to your bow. The strands come with a clip on them already, and in some cases are how they turn on and off. 

Light Up Strand Back

Batteries last 10 hours.
Strands measure approx. 13in at full length.

Additional information

Dimensions 4 x 5 in


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