Message from Hayley:

Hi! My name is Hayley and I started this little journey in 2012! I began to make bows of my favorite characters and fairy tales. The strength of a Fandom can be an amazing thing. And what began as a hobby quickly turned into a business when the Fandoms of the bows I was creating wanted the bows for themselves! In the last 4 years more dreams have come true than I could ever have hoped for all thanks to you! I have such a passion for the fandoms I love, and the work I do, and I love to spread that love to you through my creations! I’m just one girl with a passion for fantasy and fashion who turned it into a business. But what also inspires me is you. Those of you who have supported me over the past few years and have told me your stories of how my bows have brought you together with others makes me so happy. All I want to do in life is help others and make them happy, and its so wonderful to know I am doing that in some small way. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do and I hope they bring you wonderful experiences wherever you might wear them! 

About Magical Ribbons:

  • Magical Ribbons LLC is in no way affiliated with The Walt Disney Company.
  • Magical Ribbons is a Limited Liability Company.
  • Magical Ribbons’ designs are inspired by fairytales, social media and fandoms.  
  • Magical Ribbons is a pet and smoke free environment.
  • Magical Ribbons is based in Florida USA.
  • Magical Ribbons is ran solely by Hayley D. and has help once in awhile from some family and friends.
  • All of Magical Ribbons’ designs are created original to her site from her mind and inspirations, unless the design was part of a contest, or the designer asked or gave permission to Magical Ribbons to make it. 
  • All Magical Ribbons designs are Copyrighted by Magical Ribbons LLC. No reproduction or Derivative works are allowed with out Magical Ribbons LLC’s consent and approval.

Special shoutout to Amber Beaudry who writes the short descriptions of products! Find her on Instagram here!