Customized Bows

You can customize almost any bow. But customizations MUST be discussed BEFORE an order is placed and paid for. 

Some options are already included in your purchase, such as clip type.

Examples of simple changes: (these may result in a price change)

1. Take off tails/put on tails
2. Take off rhinestones/add rhinestones
3. Make the bow smaller or bigger, change colors, take off a layer/add a layer.
4. Combine 2 bows together to make something new! (See pink music note picture down below)
5. Make it bigger or smaller.
6. Combine all of the above!

Is just important that when describing what you want, you use examples of things I have posted to explain the structure or colors that you want.

There are a few things that may limit your customization:

1. A certain material or item is not available to complete your request (But I will work with you on finding something that may work!)
2. Your request has a structural flaw. Meaning that it may make the bow to heavy, too thick, make it fall apart, etc.
3. You are asking me to just create a whole new design from scratch for a character you want. This requires time, research and an idea in my head. Its not that easy to just do this as a custom request. (but there is a loophole, see below)
All you have to do is ask! You can contact me below, on Facebook, or via email! I just ask that we discuss customization BEFORE you send in your final order email. That way I can make a private listing so you can add it into your order.

Here are some theoretical examples of customization you can do!

1. Get a large version of the Tinkerbell mini by getting the Regular Tinkerbell bow and taking off the leaves, tails and replacing the rhinestone for a puff! This will make the bow cheaper!
2. Add a lemon grass green layer (the lighter green on the Peter Pan Bow) to the Pascal mini, just give a size reference! “I want it to be like the green layer on the Buzz Lightyear mini.”
3. Get almost any color Dalek bow you want! Choose a color for the ribbon, and then Black, Gold, or Dark Grey “eggs”.


Example: Get a Prince Eric mini by changing the colors on the Buzz Lightyear mini (This is a Loophole to the “No just asking for a mini of a big bow” rule. This does not make a structure change from the regular sized Casual Prince Eric bow. But you are getting what you want by changing the colors of a different bow!)

This can also be done with the regular sized bows! If asking for this loophole to create a character, that you want, is good enough for you, then you can have it made!

Why must you ask in this way? This tells me you know exactly what you are getting. If you simply ask for “A big version of the Rapunzel mini” That doesn’t tell me a size or structure for the bow. I could just charge you and make you something, then its not the size or shape you wanted! If you have seen me use a ribbon color, pattern, a charm, rhinestone, ect anywhere else and want it incorporated into another bow, just ask and we will discuss how it can be done!

How to order your custom bow:

Once we have settled on a finished design. I will give you a link to a private listing of your custom bow. This way you can simply add it to your cart and pay for your whole order at once.

You can email me your questions via the Contact page linked at the very top of the site. 


Actual Customizations That Have Been Done:



Figment Bow with the center pink and a tiara rhinestone charm from the “Princess Charlotte” Bow added to the center.



Wendy mini colors changed to light mint green and a forest green. Kiss the Girl Ariel Bow changed to a forest green and with musical ribbon as seen on a past custom order (see below).








Getting extra custom here! This bow and necklace was created custom with my first customer (now personal friend) Kristine! She wanted a bow for a Steampunk themed show she was in. She sent me the picture of the flyer of the show and their color pallet. She gave me 2 months to come up with something (this way I didn’t have to make emergency trips to the craft stores, but I could browse and create ideas while I did my weekly craft store shopping).







Here she asked for the Mary Poppins bow, but with extra long tails. (she told me how many inches she wanted) so she could put it on her prom dress!







For the Rapunzel bow, she asked for it to be the shape and size of the Jasmine bow, but with the Rapunzel bow features and colors!









Originally she wanted the Park Ariel mini with the glitter ribbon slightly lighter, but they don’t make that glitter ribbon in the color she wanted. So we came up with this. I got a solid of the color she wanted and lined it with a light blue glitter ribbon. (that ribbon is now out of stock and this exact design cannot be made). Once she got the bows, they were slightly a different color then she had expected. Please remember that the colors we see on the computer vs. real life are different  and we all have different color settings on our computers.




This was one of my very first custom orders. She wanted a bow to match her dress for her birthday (which she told me was music themed) she sent me a picture of her dress which was pink and white. Its important to have a well lit picture to show me, if we are trying to match colors. Also, if you have a bow of mine already, put it next to the item I am trying to color match, this will give me a real life idea of the colors! As for the shape, she wanted a mix of the Alice bow and and Marie mini bow. I surprised her with the musical note ribbon!





Kiss the Girl Ariel bow with both shades of blue changed to white. She also got an inverted version of this with mostly black (even the rhinestones) and a small white bow instead of the black as show here.





If you want a bow on a headband, depending on the design, it will look better without tails and sometimes smaller.

Please email me to discuss your customization questions.