These items qualify for the “Ships Quick” service. If your order is comprised of ONLY items in the Ships Quick section, then it will go into the next group of orders and will be done and ship much faster than the average current wait time.

If there is an issue with a material being out of stock and it needs to be ordered and will take long to receive, I will notify you after ordering. Always feel free to ask before you order if you want to make sure there is no issues with what you plan to order.

– The Ships Quick Service does not guarantee that your order will arrive by a specified date. It only guarantees that your order will be moved into the next group of orders. If you would like a better estimate before you place your order, feel free to contact me to ask about when the next group of orders is to be started approximately.

-The Ships Quick Service is used for the ENTIRE ORDER. You may not contact me and request that only certain items be moved into the next group, or that you would like to alter your order to qualify for the Ships Quick Service after already checking out. You must make separate orders, and pay for shipping on each if you wish that only some of the items you plan to buy come sooner.

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