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Customizable Minnie Ears (Interchangeable)

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Spice up your Minnie Mouse Ears from Disney with this unique idea! You can DIY it or buy it that way from Magical Ribbons! Your Minnie Mouse ears will now be able to display any bow that you want to wear on the ears!

Don’t see a design that is currently sold in the parks? Like the Silver Castle or Briar Rose Gold? Contact us for a custom order!


Don’t see a design that is currently sold in the parks? Like the Silver Castle or Briar Rose Gold? Contact us for a custom order!

Want to make the most out of your Minnie Mouse Ear headband and your bows? I have the perfect way!

Here I will offer 3 ways to get this look!


What you will get: The ears and the bow that originally came with the ears in the picture.

Examples of wearing other bows on the ears:

black ears 5 black ears 4
black ears 6 black ears 1
black ears 3 black ears 2
What your ears look like when done:
Basically there is now a little loop that would can clip your bows through (French Barrettes work best) It sits up so your bow sits up. You can put almost any bow on there. If your bow has tails, you can simply pull them behind the ears in most cases.


Option 1: You don’t have your own ears yet:

I will buy, fix up* and send your ears to you. You can choose only the ears listed above to be sold. The bow shown ONLY on the pictures at the very top to buy this product  come with this option.  Any of the Magical Ribbons designs of bows are SOLD SEPARATELY. And just add them to your cart!

The Minnie Mouse Ears Headbands I buy are acquired from Disney, or the Jungle Ears are handmade and then altered by Magical Ribbons to achieve the final result of the headband with the loop to attach bows. The bow the ears came with now with a clip added for easy wear. 

Option 2: You already have a pair of ears, but don’t have the tools to do this yourself.

No Problem! Rather then buying the tools and materials and spending $15+, you can send it to me!

If the ears you have are different then the ones pictured, no problem! As long as they are basic ones, there should be no problem. If you have a pair of ears that you are questioning if it will work, take a picture of them and email it to me, I will let you know if it will work.


Please copy and paste this form into the contact box below.

Minnie Ears #2 Form
First & Last Name:

Need By?:

Address (to send back to):


  1. I will reply to your email and give you the address as to send your ears to.
  2. Go get a  bubble mailer envelope that will fit the ears. Make sure it its padded on the inside. They are like $1 at Walmart or even the Dollar Store.
  3. Wrap up your ears in a plastic bag (from a store) for extra protection.
  4. Put $4 (for every pair of ears) in the envelope with your ears. This will cover shipping and materials.
  5. Write “DO NOT BEND” in bold Sharpie (preferably red) on the front and back of the envelope.
  6. Send me the ears, cheapest which should be First Class USPS regular mail (It will be $2.50 at least to send one pair of ears. If its more then one pair in the package, it will be more. Make sure you describe the package as a “package” and not a large “envelope” if you are using a postal machine.)
  7. I will fix up* your ears, and send them back to you!

 Option 3: Do It Yourself

Hey, you got the stuff? You can do it yourself!

Be advised that not all ears are made the same. There may be additional strings where the item is sewn together. 

What you will need:

  • A set of Minnie Ears
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • 1 French Barrette
  • 5 in of 5/8 inch Satin or Grosgrain Ribbon that matches your ears.


* FIX UP – I will take off the bow that comes on the ears, make the loop so you can clip your bows to the headband, as well as put a french barrette on the existing bow so you can still wear that one if you want. The tag will also be cut off and heat sealed to prevent fraying. I may also fix some problem areas on your ears, for example sequins falling off. Let me know if there is anything more you would like me o fix on them.

Additional information


Black Sequin, Black Velvet, Gold & Black, Purple Potion, Dots (Being Discontinued)

7 reviews for Customizable Minnie Ears (Interchangeable)

  1. Kait

    The customizable Minnie ears are one of the absolute BEST items you can purchase from Magical Ribbons. Hayley takes the standard ears you would purchase at the parks and modifies them so you can CHANGE OUT THE BOWS [she also puts a clip on the bow that comes with them so you have the options of using that as well] I LOVE having this option to show off my bows and you’ll end up having super unique Minnie ears! (I mean come on, how many people do you know that have a set of Tower of Terror Minnie Ears?!)

  2. Julia (verified owner)

    Love love love my new ears! I’m so excited to use them! This has created an obsession for me though! I keep falling in love with bows to switch onto the ears! Hayley is so talented and creative! I’m amazed at the great items she has created! Thank you so much Hayley! You have given me more ways to show off my love of all things disney!! You’re awesome!!!

  3. Rachel (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 pairs of customizable ears for my sister in law and I for our upcoming Disney trip and they are INCREDIBLE! Switching out the bow makes them feel like a completely different set of ears each time we wear them. They are absolutely well worth the purchase and we will both get endless use out of them!

  4. meighanschmidt (verified owner)

    My mom is utterly obsessed with these ears, never goes to the parks without them! Every bow looks completely natural nestled in between the two ears.

  5. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I love these ears and I cannot wait to show off my bows on them!

  6. Sarah Sweet (verified owner)

    These ears are the best thing I have purchased from Hayley, well, these and the Peter Pan bow! She is a genius in coming up with this idea. It is so fun to change out the bows on these ears. I get compliments on them all the time and love that I don’t look like every other girl in the park with standard Minnie Mouse ears. Super unique and cute!

  7. Lauren

    I absolutely ADORE my new custom Minnie ears from Hayley! She did a great job removing the bow and making it possible for me to mix and match bows to my heart’s content. The process was super simple and I received my ears back in a timely manner. I can’t wait to take these out for a spin in the parks.

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