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Order Upgrade

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If you need your items sooner than the current processing time (as show on the Shipping page) please read below and determine if the Order Upgrade service is right for you. You can also check out the Ships Quick section to see what items will ship quickly without the Order Upgrade.

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Order Upgrade GUARANTEES your order will be moved up into the next group of orders to be worked on.

Groups can take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete.  There are some items that already ship quick without an Order Upgrade!

Check out the Ships Quick section! 

Terms and Conditions of the Order Upgrade:

1. The Order Upgrade does not guarantee that your order will arrive by a specified date. It only guarantees that your order will be moved into the next group of orders. Depending on when you order, it could be anywhere from 1-5 weeks until your order is started (also depending on the current processing time as stated on the Shipping Page). If you would like a better estimate before you place your order, feel free to contact me to ask about when the next group of orders is to be started approximately.

2. Orders over 10 items (5 minis or Cast Member Series count as 1 item) do not qualify for the Order Upgrade. If you mistakenly break this condition, I will contact you and explain this condition again. A Gift Certificate will be sent with your order in the amount of the Order Upgrade, and your order will be placed in the regular Processing Time line.

3. The Order Upgrade is used for the ENTIRE ORDER, and must be purchased WITH the order. You may not contact me and request that only certain items be moved into the next group, or that you would like to add on the Order Upgrade after already checking out. You must make separate orders, and pay for shipping on each if you wish that only some of the items you plan to order come sooner. This condition directly affects #2 as well.

4. Only 5 Order Upgrades per group of orders are allowed in order to stay fair to all other customers, and to keep regular orders from stopping because so many new people are cutting the line. Once those spots fill up, 10 more will open when I start working on a new group of orders. This service is intended for people who have events or trips, rather than just being impatient.

5. You cannot use a coupon with the Order Upgrade.

6. Your order must not contain the products listed below, these items are more difficult and are not as easy to whip up to send out quickly. If you mistakenly buy one of these items listed below. I will contact you and offer you two options: 1. To trade out excluded items for an item of equal or lesser value that qualifies for the Order Upgrade. 2. To send a Gift Certificate with your order in the amount of the Order Upgrade, and place your order in the regular Processing Time line.

Excluded Products from the Order Upgrade Service: (Items subject to change without notice)

  • Mouse Ear Flower Crowns
  • Sally Bow
  • Tiger Lily Bow
  • R2D2 Bow
  • Jack Frost Bow
  • Sparkling Small World Bow
  • Ice Harvester Bow
  • Adventure Peter Pan Bow
  • Electrical Parade Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Bubble Girl Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Cha Cha Girl Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Swan Court Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Floral Maiden Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Seashell Girl Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Coral Twins Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Malevolent Beast Bow
  • Festival of Fantasy – Royal Gardens Bow


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