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Trolley Show Bows


Can you practically hear the trolley going clang clang clang down the track? Then these handmade bows inspired by the Trolley Show are just the thing to help. There are unique designs for each season so you can collect them all and feel like you’re walking right down the middle of Main Street USA


The best way I felt I could capture the spirit and theme of the Main Street Trolley show dancers was by splitting them up into the seasons! I tried to pick the best colors that represented the season while still making each physical layout of the seasons unique! 

Customized colors can be arranged. Contact me to work out the design.


  • Winter – 4×5.5 in
  • Spring – 4×5 in 5
  • Summer – 3.5×5 in
  • Autumn  – 5×4 in
  • Holly Jolly – 3.5x5in


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