Clip Types

If there is a clip option that you want, but the website the website will not allow.

For example: Wanting the Character Basics Alice in the Headband Position of G.

Please contact me at the Customization Page and I will create a Private Product for you.

When choosing your options:

Headband Placement: If you are not getting a headband then put None.

For Hair Clip Orientation: Put None for Headband, Hair Tie, and Bow Tie Clip. IF you put None for French Barrette or Pinch Clip, then they will come for the right side of the head, unless the default side is listed on the bow’s page.

Clip Type Options for Regular – Large Bows:

French Barrette

Best For:

Medium Bows – (examples: Woody, Peter Pan, Alice) French Barrettes really work best, but pinch clips work too.

Large Bows – (examples: Kiss the Girl Ariel & Wendy Darling) Pinch clips will not support the weight, so French Barrette is the best.

Minnie Ears – If you plan to wear your bows on Minnie Ears, this is the best option as the clip is closed on both ends and hold tight.



Pinch ClipPinch Clip

Best For:

minis – get a pinch clip, it lays flatter to the head. It will not hold style (besides clipping back bangs) so use a small clear elastic for style and then clip above.





$2 to add a headband to a bow.

All bows, unless the option is not listed in the drop down menu can be put on a headband. Some bows may need the tails removed to go onto a headband. I only have certain colors and widths available to me. So I will choose the color and width to match the bow. I use 1/4 in – 1 inch headbands.




Glitter Headbands

Glitter Headband

I only have limited colors and supplies of these. Mostly only bows that have glitter or metallic elements to them can get a glitter headband . The bows that this is readily available will have it listed in the Clip Type drop down menu on the bow’s page.

If you have a specific bow in mind that you would like a glitter headband, contact me and we will discuss the color options available. 



Choose your placement for of the bow on your headband: (NOT MIRRORED IMAGE). So B & G would be on YOUR right side. Bows attached to headbands are not removable from the headband.

Hair Tie

Hair Tie

Comes only in black.

Hair ties – I have it as an option, but I don’t think its really worth it. Just do your hair in the style you want and just clip the bow above or below. If you have it on a hair tie, you are limited to your wearing options. And hair ties will break easier than a clip.




Bow Tie Clip

If you want to take tails off any design, please contact me via email.



Clip Direction:

Choose Left or Right for the side of your head you wear your bow. Most bows can be turned upside down and worn on all sides of the head, some bows (with tails or special things) you cannot flip upside down. You can still wear them if the clip is the opposite way you want it, you just have to insert it from the back to the front. If you want to wear the bow on the back of head, it just depends on what side you tend to insert the bow from.