Current Wait Time: Approximately 2-4 weeks before shipment. 


Shipping Prices: 

Once the package is sent:
Shipping within USA will take approximately 2-5 business days.
Outside the USA will take approximately 6-20 business days.
You are responsible for any customs charges and fees.
*These rates are calculated before any discount on your order is applied as they are based on the weight of your items all together.

The time frame stated above is an estimated time and may take longer if things go wrong (for example: running out of stock of a supply and having to order it) So please do not solely depend on the estimate above as the wait time. Please select a Need By Date at Checkout if necessary. You may not cancel an order due to it being over the estimated wait as your items are made custom to your specifications as nothing is ready to ship.  Please see the Shop Policies page for more information.

Please be advised: Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  

  • Magical Ribbons reuses materials such as plastic grocery bags, boxes, and tissue paper to package orders. This is to lower the cost for you as well as reuse otherwise trashed materials.
  • Multiple orders with the same address may be grouped and sent together. Please do not ask to add on items to an outstanding order. If I see that I can combine multiple orders into one package to send, then that is by MY discretion for efficiency. But in most instances, there is a reason I must send your separately paid, separately placed orders, in separate packages, thus costing the shipping price as separate orders. 

For more up to date information on how long it will take for your order to be made an sent:

If you have signed up with you can login to My Account and view all your orders. If you ordered as a guest, you will need to check the Updates page or email me at for an order status. 

  • Processing means that your order is still in waiting to be printed and the items to start being made.
  • Next means that your order will be in the next group of orders to be printed and worked on.
  • Printed means that your order has been printed and is currently being worked on.
  • Completed means that your order has been shipped.

You can also view the Updates page where there will be regular updates on what orders are being worked on at the moment.

Due to the nature of custom items like Magical Ribbons sells taking a long time, Magical Ribbons understands that you may move to a new home from the time you order to the time your order is sent. In the event that you need to change your address on an order please contact me via the Contact page linked at the very top of the site with the request. Please make sure to provide the Order # for the order you wish to change.