Terms & Conditions

By checking the agreement box on the checkout page you agree to and fully understand:

1. The Shop Policies

Changing or Canceling an Order Once Paid For

You may not change the items or cancel an order once you have paid for it. You may only change the shipping address if need be. Please see the Shipping page for more information. 

All Sales are Final

Returns & Exchanges

Unfortunately, nothing can be returned or exchanged once received, because of health issues concerning hair accessories. Every bow is handmade and varies from the product picture. Returns, exchanges, and refunds will not be allowed if you are simply unhappy with a slight variation. 

An order can not be canceled once paid for. Every item is made custom to order, I plan to make your items weeks in advance to when I really begin your order. So cancellations of an order are up to the discretion of the shop and will only be done in an extreme circumstance.   Not getting them by your Need By date is not an extreme circumstance. You can ONLY change your address if needed.

Please see the Shipping page on how to change your address.

However, if your item needs fixing, I am willing to help you however I can. If you item has to be shipped back to me for fixing, you must pay all shipping costs.

2. The approximate Processing Time that is given on the Shipping Page.

This is an estimated time and may take longer if things go wrong (for example: running out of stock of a supply and having to order it) So please do not solely depend on the estimate of the wait time.  You may not cancel an order due to it being over the estimated wait as your items are made custom to your specifications. Please see the Shop Policies page for more information.

3. Ready to Ship Items

Ready to Ship Items or (RTS) means that there is a back stock of certain designs. The quantity will be listed as “X in Stock” on the product page. Once it says “On Backorder” that means that there are no longer any of that item Ready to Ship and it has to be made. If your order is comprised of ONLY Ready to Ship items, it will ship faster, but not necessarily immediately. 

4. Final Product 

You understand that the final product you receive is a handmade replica of the pictured item for sale. Every bow will come out different in its own way from another. This includes but its not limited to small differences in: 

  1. Designs painted on your item.
  2. Size
  3. Shape
  4. The way the fabric wants to naturally move.
  5. Choosing a variation of what is pictured (IE taking off rhinestones, taking off a light up feature)
  6. Coloration (Most generally the difference between what you see on your computer screen and what it looks like in real life)
  7. Placement of a ribbon, fabric pattern, or added detail.  Although my best effort will be made to make sure important parts are seen or placed to give you the best recreation of the product picture.

You understand that due to the handmade nature of these products, received items may vary from product photos. Each item is made with the same materials and care as pictured and is sellers responsibility to alert you should this not be met. 

5. You also agree to our Terms of Service which can be read here.

Last Updated : 5/14/19