This is the FAQ, it’s Frequently Asked Questions, but its not the answers to ALL questions. You may find the information you are looking for in pages under the Information Tab above. You may also find information on the Updates page.

If you cannot find the answer to your question anywhere on the website, then please contact me via the Contact page. That is the most direct way to contact me.  Any questions on your personal order must be asked via the Contact page where we can discuss your order in private over email.


1. Where is the “Add to Cart” Button?

You HAVE to choose all the options it asks before the Add to Cart button appears. I need all that information in order to complete your order.

2. You should make bow ties! Can you make bow ties?

YES! You can get almost any bow as a bow tie. Some bows may have to me altered to be a bow tie. Bow ties come on bow tie clips which are now free!

3Can you sell on Etsy? Do you know about Etsy?

I know about Etsy, but I have my own full site, why would I? Etsy greatly limits  the options you could have for your items. So with this site, its easy to have many options without you having to privately contact me.

4. Can I request or suggest a theme?

If you would like to purchase a bow with a speicfic theme that I don’t offer, please email me. Take a look at what bows I have to offer and find what bow style/shape you like. Please only contact me if you have the intent to purchase the bow.

5. Do you offer discounts on bow bundles/large orders?

Not if you are ordering multiple designs but if you are wanting to buy 10+ of the same exact design for some reason (Dance, play, musical, band, choir, cheer, etc) please contact me and we can discuss it. Otherwise keep an eye out for sales and coupons!

6. How many of __________ do you have?

I make them as I sell them. Anything “Limited Edition” I cannot buy more material to complete it. So if you are interested in a “Limited Edition” bow, get it while I still have material left!

7. Do you have a PayPal?

Yes! You may pay using a Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account.

8. Can I pay with cash, check, or money order?

No you may not. In order to provide you with the best and fastest service available, I cannot accept these forms of payments. You can pay using a PayPal account or a Debit or Credit Card.

9. How do you make your bows? You should film tutorials and put them on Youtube!

I cannot tell you this. I have to protect my business. And one can ruin it for all. For example where would KFC be if they told what their secret sauce was?

10. How big are the bows? Can you put something next to the bow so I can tell the size? Ect.

The approximate size of the bows are in the description of each bow’s listing.

11. How long does shipping take?

When you place and pay for your order, it will first go through the processing time. Due to everything being custom made to order, its not so easy to just ship everything out so quick. The processing time is how long it takes until I have finished orders that ordered before you and can work on your order. You can view the Processing time on the Shipping page. After that I will inform you when the order has shipped, and then that wait is determined by where you live, please see the Shipping page for that information.

12. Would you make me a custom bow?

It depends on what you want, contact me via the Contact page to discuss your request. You cannot just simply ask for a mini as a custom of a big bow already made. Custom does not mean I rush a certain character/attraction/show ect that you want. Custom orders should be based off bows I already have on this site, but you can change size, color, and more. Please see the Customization page for more information.

13. When will ___________ bow be posted?

The order that I make the bows depends on my materials, so there is no guarantee of when a certain bow will be posted.

14. Can I order now and pay you later? You shouldn’t charge until it ships.

No you will not receive your package until I get your payment. Supplies and materials are required to run a business of any sorts, so its not practical to only be paid once it ships when items are made to order.

15. Do you put clips on the bow?

That is up to you! Please see the Clip Types page.

16. What kind of ribbon do you use?

All different kinds of fabrics and ribbons. 

17. Can I add a bow to my order once I have ordered it?

No, you cannot change your order once paid for. All sales are final except in extreme cases. You can change a clip type if it does not effect the price of the bow, please email me to do so.

18. What is the Park Map Bow and Paperman made from? How is it waterproof?

The Park Map Bow is made from actual Disney Park Maps that I acquired at the parks, and is laminated with tape. The Paperman bow is made from paper which I created the design in Photoshop, and is also laminated with tape.

19. Why can’t I get an exact mini of a regular size bow?

Minis are in a world of their own… they are so small that I cannot always replicate the larger version into a mini. I have to plan them out. Minis have a structure of their own in order for it to be small and thin. Lots of layers, that may not look too thick on a regular sized bow, will look REALLY thick on a mini. There are many reasons to that.

The best way you can get a mini of a design you would like is to choose a preexisting mini with a structure you like, and change the colors and/or patterns around to get your desired creation. I will work with you to figure out a final plan, but there may be elements that just cannot be put into a mini because of its shape, or that a material doesn’t exist in the size required for a mini. 

20. Can I get a larger version of a mini?

The best thing you can do is contact me with your custom requests and we can discuss the options to create what you desire. 


21. Can I change my address? 

Yes of course, please contact me via email ONLY. Changing an address in the My Account page will not notify me personally. But please do not wait until last minute to inform me. If your order is marked as Printed in your My Account Order Status page, then I especially need to know ASAP as your order could be sent out anytime.

22. What do the Order Status terms mean?

  • Processing means that your order is still in waiting to be printed and the items to start being made.
  • Next means that your order will be in the next group of ordered to be printed and worked on.
  • Printed & Printed 2 means that your order has been printed and is currently being worked on.