Expanding Your Experience

This page is dedicated to making your entire Magical Ribbons experience more fun and easier!

Get what you want:

Did you know you can customize most any of my designs to get the desired bow you want? My designs are made to they way I like them, but if there is something you want changed it may be no problem at all! There is endless things you can do to get the bow you want! See the Customize Your Bows page for more details.

Store AND Display your bows!

Don’t let them just sit in a box collecting dust! You can use them to decorate your room in many ways one including using them to tie back your curtains! You can also get a Gadgets and Gizmos Board to keep all your bows in one place, organized and displayed!

Traveling with your bows:

The key thing is to not squish your bows when putting them in your luggage. mini bows can be squished a little, putting them in a ziplock bag will do! For bigger bows with tails, feathers, glitter, charms, lights, etc. I suggest getting a plastic bin sized to how many you plan to take with you. A pencil case, a clean and never used Tupperware bowl, and a cheap plastic shoe box are just some ideas! As for the Park Map Bow and the Paperman bow, be careful where you put those because they have sharp edges and could poke or rip other things.

Going to wear your bows at the Disney Parks?

You might want to ask me to send more business cards with your order! On average I put 2 in every package unless its a large box. But I get many people asking me for more cards once they get back from the parks because a lot of people asked! I am more then happy to include a few more cards if you ask! This way it makes it easier to tell people about Magical Ribbons during a busy day at the parks!

Wearing you bows at night?

Get some Light Up Strands! You don’t have to attach them to your bows, you can get them as is and clip them into your hair! If you have Minnie Ears where you can change out the bows, you can clip the bow to one side, and a Light Up Strand to the back! There are endless possibilities with all the bows and different colored Light Up Strands!

Fun at Disney!

Characters LOVE it when you wear something inspired by them (especially the selfish ones like Gaston, Peter Pan, and The Evil Stepsisters) So definitely plan a meet and greet with the character of the bow you are wearing! The bows are a GREAT conversation starter with the characters! I love this because it gives them something to talk about and not just mindless “hows the weather” talk! A lot of the characters may already know exactly what you are wearing and that its from Magical Ribbons.

Also if you are wearing a Disney Parks inspired bow, wear them to that attraction! Every day more and more Cast Members are recognizing Magical Ribbons bows! Especially if your visit Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise or The Haunted Mansion at the Magical Kingdom in FL, you might just get some compliments!

Custom Mouse Ears

What I believe to be one of my best ideas is being able to Customize Your Minnie Ears. This creates a fun way to be able to get your money’s worth out of those expensive ears! Instead of a few outfits that you could wear the ears with, or having to buy many versions of the Mickey Hats, you can have countless looks with one pair of ears! These are eye catchers too! Everyone will wonder where you got your ears when you wear them at Disney! They are the most fun when you choose a big bow to put on the ears like the Tiana’s Mardi Gras Celebration, Secret Sisters, World of Color, and the Park Map Bows!

Have any more ideas for tips or fun things to do with Magical Ribbons? Let me know! Many of these ideas above were inspired by YOUR experiences!