Submit Your Personality Aesthetic Design Board Image!

This is a required part of your design submission. You must submit a photo for us to design your item(s).

Upload Personality Aesthetic Board

Don’t know how to make one? Here are some ways you can!

Easy way (No app required):

  1. Google some words that are things you like with the word “aesthetic” after it. (Examples: “Galaxy Aesthetic”, “Mermaid Aesthetic”, “Grunge Aesthetic”, “Nature Aesthetic”, “Book Aesthetic”)
  2. Choose pictures you like that are in colors you like. This is going to help decide the color pallet for your items!
  3. Save 9 pictures to your camera roll.
  4. Go to your camera roll and take a screenshot of those 9 pictures in a grid format. Crop your screenshot to only show that grid. Done!

Creative Way (Using Apps):

  1. Find a mood board generator or app (Suggested: Adobe Spark)
  2. Search some words that are things you like! (Examples: Galaxy, Mermaid, Grunge, Nature, Book, Ocean, Fireworks, Castle, Blue, Teal, and Purple.)
  3. Or upload pictures yourself that you Googled!
  4. Some mood board generators even allow you to create a color pallet!
  5. Please use at least 5-9 pictures in your Personality Aesthetic Board!

To find this mood board template below in the Adobe Spark app, search “mood board” and scroll down.