New Site Help

There are many things different with the new site, but as a whole a lot easier.

Here are a few things to take note of with the new site:

  1. If you have an Event you Need your items for, there is a new format for that. Please see the Need By Date Page.
  2. Please see the Shipping page for how long it will take until your items are shipped.
  3. Some designs have been retired or redesigned.
  4. Some prices have changed.
  5. There are now some more options for some designs.
  6. If using the search box, do not be too specific with what you put in it. ( Good Example: Woody, Bad Example: Woody hair bow)
  7. If you are interested in customizing bows, please read over the Customization page for the new way to request that.
  8. I am still working on updating many product’s pictures. So those will be coming soon.

Important note about Need By Dates: IF you do not give me the amount of weeks asked for on the shipping page, I cannot help you. My wait is as is for many reasons and I cannot even start any orders from this new site until October 15th at the soonest. So please understand if you put anything less than the amount of weeks asked on the Shipping Page as your need by date, it is in most all cases not going to get to you by that date. I have tried to make that clear, but many people are on;y giving me 3-5 weeks, and I HAVE to take care of the people who ordered way before you.


Tumblr will still be Magical Ribbons’ Home, but this is just to make shopping a lot easier!

There may still be issues here and there with the site, so if there is a bug, feel free to contact me so I can fix it.

Happy Shopping!

2 thoughts on “New Site Help”

  1. I miss the calender that used to be on the old website! It let me know what days you were working and what bow orders you were currently working on! Any idea if that will make a comeback?

    1. That is what the updates link on this new site will be for. I am just leaving up the New Site Help as most recent post at this time so it will show up on the front page. The calender will not come back as that was for help with ordering basically. Since you can order anytime now, there is no need for that. But I will try to update twice a week how filling orders is going. Right now I just started all orders paid in July as well as Orders needed up through October 15.

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