Shipping Times

I have recently been getting a lot of emails of people asking when their item is going to ship. Most of these emails are of orders in which their waiting period is not even close to the full time.

I have all the information I can on the website explaining the wait. I cannot be responsible if you do not read it. It is also explained in the Terms and Conditions that you HAVE to agree to before checking out.Β 

Please do not assume any kind of wait time less than what I have given on the Shipping page or if its part of a sale.

If you do not read what the current Processing time is, I am not responsible. I have to make every item by hand and it does take time. This is why I have posted the Processing time on the Shipping page, and make reference to it in the Terms and Conditions that you have to agree to before Checking out.

Because its the Christmas Season, I did expect many people making fast purchases and not reading things, but I am not responsible for that. I cannot put you ahead of all of my other customers just because you failed to read important information, regardless if you have a trip you need them for. Because most of them all have trips they want their items for too, and its already a struggle with the amount of orders I have to get them to them in time.

Thank you so much for your support. I am definitely trying to get the wait down and things in better order, but unfortunately it means saying no to some people so it can be better for all in the future.