Need By Dates Are Gone For Now

I more than anyone understand that the wait is long. Its been 10 weeks for more than 6 months and I have continuously been trying to get it down. Some people have been waiting more than 10 weeks too, and I don’t like it. But I also can’t make each order appear out of thin air.

The main issue has been the Need By Dates. When I started this system a long time ago it was meant for people who had special events they wanted their items for and they could pay to get their order out a lot sooner than the regular wait. Now that I have hundreds of more design options, its not so easy just to whip up a single order so quick. People have misused the system because they didn’t want to wait as I became more popular. To say it bluntly, giving me extra money doesn’t create more hours in a day. I work everyday all day.

So then I switched the system so that you could at least tell me that you have a date you need your items for and I would move it up in my process of things and do my best to get it out. But I still asked that you allow me X number of weeks as explained on the Need By Date page. Many people have not done that. They choose the soonest date that the webpage lets them, even if its 1/2 or less the time I ask for. And in the description of Β the Need By Date page, it explains everything, yet people still break those rules, if they even read them.

I charge a small fee to try and discourage people who just don’t want to wait from buying a Need By Date. If I had a comments to the seller section at the end of checkout, probably 80% would say, “I want it by x date” when its simply not possible for me to do with the volume of orders I have. Yet I would get blamed, because they informed me of their need.

I get complaint emails from people who have waited over their estimated time who want to know where their order is, and I get emails from people who didn’t give me the amount of time I asked for. I am doing my absolute best. But I cannot accommodate everyone when the system is as bad as it is right now

So now today, I am about 3 weeks behind the 10 weeks its supposed to be. Why does this happen? Because I have to work in about 30 or more Need By Date orders into each group, When I could be just adding in the regular wait people. If you have ever been to a Disney Park, you can kind of relate this to the fastpass system. If you keeping adding people cutting in (even if they have a right to) it holds the main line from flowing like it should.

So until I can get the wait time down, Need By Dates are gone. This is going to make EVERYTHING better. A change had to be made somewhere, and this is it. If you already ordered a Need By Date, then I’m still going to do my best. If you have not, you need to place your order 10 weeks out, or maybe a little more just to be safe. I see this as a better temporary fix than just closing down until I am caught up, because frankly I cannot afford to do that.

I thank you so much for your support and love of what I do. I never want to let anyone down, but I can only do what is in my power.

2 thoughts on “Need By Dates Are Gone For Now”

  1. I’ve been patiently waiting 12 weeks and I’ll happily wait 12 more if that’s what is needed. You’re doing great and I’m excited to get my order! Keep up the good work.

  2. You are doing the best you can! It’s unfortunate that people took advantage of a system you set up out of the goodness of your heart, but it’s definitely not your fault. If everyone planned their orders ahead of time, no one would have any trouble. I am much happier to wait and receive a gorgeous, carefully handmade product rather than receive something generic and low-quality soon after my order. Keep up the good work.

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