Shop Hiatus & Order Status

Shop Magical Ribbons will be going on a 2 week hiatus of ordering.  You may still browse the website. But everything is marked as Out of Stock.

The Shop will open back up for orders on April 16th.

During this time I will be continuing to work on already paid orders and trying to get the overall wait time down.


You can now view your order status!

There is a new feature for Magical Ribbons! You can now view all your orders and their statuses.

Go to My Account at the top of the page. Login to your account, and there are all your orders! It will tell you what the status of your order is.

  • Processing means that your order is still in waiting to be printed and the items to start being made.
  • Next means that your order will be in the next group of orders to be printed and worked on.
  • Printed means that your order has been printed and is currently being worked on.

I will continue to post updates personally from me on the Updates page. That just gives you a better understanding of what i’m working on at the time.

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  1. How long does this “printing” process take? My order has been “printing” for quite some time…

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