Order Updates, Discontinued Items, Name Changes, & Items back in the shop.

Order Update:

Currently all June orders are printed (except for orders that contained ONLY GG Boards, will be done right after this group).

I hope to have all of these orders done by the middle of September. 

The Next group will be all of July orders and orders that qualify for the Ships Quick Service.



The items listed below will be discontinued on September 20th.

  1.  Flounder Bow
  2. Oogie Boogie (to be redesigned)
  3. Pluto Bow
  4. Chip and Dale Bows
  5. “Wendy Darling” Bow


Also, many items are receiving new or revised names. So if you are having trouble finding a bow, instead of typing into the search box, just go through the View All Bows categories. 


The items listed below have been added back into the shop:

  1. Beast Bow
  2. Maiden Snow White Bow
  3. The Fairy Feud Bow
  4. Pocahontas Bow 
  5. Bimbettes Bows
  6. Cinderella Bow
  7. Captain Hook Bow
  8. Chimney Sweep Bert Bow
  9. Mary Poppins Bow
  10. Jack Frost Bow
  11. Chip and Dale Bows
  12. Pluto Bow
  13. Park Archery Princess Bow
  14. Ballroom Beauty Bow
  15. John & Michael Darling Bows
  16. Sally Bow
  17. Queen of Hearts Bow
  18. Wendy Darling Bow


5 thoughts on “Order Updates, Discontinued Items, Name Changes, & Items back in the shop.”

  1. Are you discontinuing the mini Peter Pan bow? It’s my favorite and I’d love to order one- it’s the perfect size for me!

    1. The Peter Pan mini with the feather was a limited quantity item. I collected a pile of smaller feathers through the last few years that worked for a mini bow. So I had a limited amount, and they sold out for now. I do not know if they will come back as I don’t know if I will be able to find more mini feathers, if I will have to collect them through the year.

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