Back in the shop, To be Redesigned, To be Discontinued

These items have been put back in the shop:

  1. Cinderella’s Pink Dress Bow
  2. Marlin Bow
  3. Hercules Bow
  4. Hades Bow
  5. Ping Bow
  6. Judge Claude Frollo Bow
  7. Sally Bow
  8. Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party Bow
  9. Sal (Red Car News Boys) Bow
  10. The Seven Dwarfs Bows
  11. Satisfactual Splash Mountain Bow
  12. True Love’s Kiss Giselle Bow
  13. Club 33 Bow
  14. The Good Fairies Bows

These bows will be redesigned and receive a new name. Their last day in the shop as is now is October 10th.

  1. Marlin Bow

These Bows will be discontinued due to low sales November 1st.

  1. The Seven Dwarfs Bows