Order Updates – December 4, 2014

All orders from October as well as Ships Quick and Order Upgrades up through November 30th have been printed and I am starting to work on these orders. My goal is to have all of these orders in the mail in order to arrive in time for Christmas. If you are outside of the USA, it may not arrive by Christmas.

Β If I still have time before the shipping deadline, I will start November orders week by week, starting with the first people who ordered. I will also add in any Order Upgrade and Ships Quicks as I can that have been placed between December 1st and when I start the next group. You may order NOW with Ships Quick Service and or Order Upgrade and may still get your items by Christmas, but it is not guaranteed.

I am doing my best to get as many orders out as I can and I thank you for your patience!Β 

Just as a reminder, Gift Certificates are still available and will arrive in time for Christmas (USA only) if you order before the 20th. If you are outside of the USA and wish to order a Gift Certificate as a Holiday gift, please do so ASAP so I can get them in the mail!