Order Updates & Discontinued Bows – 12/22/14

Currently finishing up all October orders and orders that qualified for Ships Quick and Order Upgrades. The next group to be started at the end of this week is a small group consisting of small orders.

If you order Ships Quick items, AND/OR any minis AND/OR Park Map Bows by Friday 12/26, your order can be included it this group. I move this small group forward as I can focus on a few bow designs at once, rather that over 100 and get a bulk of orders out. This then allows me to focus more delicately on more complicated bows and orders.

If you ordered in NOVEMBER and have an event you wanted your bows in time for, please contact me and let me know and I will do my best to get it done with this quick group.


To be discontinued on January 1st:

  1. Kingdom Ariel Bow
  2. Character Basics – Cinderella
  3. Pink Dress Cinderella Bow
  4. Pinocchio Hat Bow
  5. The Incredibles Bow
  6. Character Basics – Wendy Darling (These looks can be achieved with a better structure by purchasing the Bow Essentials bow of your choice with the Turquoise color option)

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