Important info about order delays and how it effects your order

I understand that with order delays there are issues if you ordered with a date in mind.  You may not have added on an Order Upgrade, or didn’t qualify for the Ships Quick Service, your order would have needed one back then. I didn’t know that. You didn’t know that. So, I’m not blaming you for not getting one.

As for me, all I can do is think of everyone. I want to get the orders that have been waiting the longest out first, which I do by month ordered.  So, I need to finish Nov orders before I can start Dec.

However! If you have a trip or event that you needed your items for and you ordered with enough time (based on my approximate processing time as stated on the shipping page) and now this order delay is effecting your order, please tell me! Even when you ordered with enough time and it seems to be taking longer.

Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate every single person who gives me a need by date (especially when it’s way below the approximate processing time). However, if it’s getting closer to your trip or event and you have checked updates, looked at your order status, ect, and it looks unlikely your order will arrive on time, PLEASE EMAIL ME DIRECTLY! Please email me at least one week before you need it. I can’t magically make the items appear. I might need to make them, and it takes some time for them to ship! (USPS has been really slow the last month as well.)

By all means, please email me and say, “I wanted my items for a trip on XX date, which was plenty of time when I ordered, but it seems this order delay might cause an issue with my order.” Just give me at least a week notice or more. I don’t know who has a need by date unless you tell me. I tried many different systems in the past to accommodate this as I work to get the wait under a month. However, people abused the systems, which only made the wait go up. I have to think about not only the productiveness of what I do, but also the people who don’t have events they need their items for. If don’t have the knowledge or enough time that I need to work a little faster on your order, then I unfortunately can’t help.

As much as I want to keep Magical Ribbons  professional, I am one person. I recognize the names that come through my system multiple times. I recognize the faces of people who post pictures and tag my company. I recognize the need by dates of an order and try to help. I hope you can recognize I am one person taking care of the thousands of customers and a little reminder or help from you can help me help you.

So please email me if you have questions or concerns about your order. Only then,do I have the ability to help you further with your order.

Thank you for reading – Hayley