Cast Member Custom Bows


Want a bow to match your costume during work, or as a keepsake of your role? You have come to the right place!


All you need to do is contact meand request a custom bow for your role. Please only request with the INTENT TO PURCHASE IT. Once I receive your email and we discuss the bow, I will create a custom listing for you to purchase and the actual bow will not be made until after payment.

Please include this information:

  1. What your role is
  2. A picture of the costume you wear in decent lighting.
  3. If you have any preferences to style, shape, and size of the bow
  4. Or if you have seen a bow I already made for another CM in that role that you would like to purchase. 

Please remember that it is up to your leaders and coordinators to say if wearing the bow is ok. Just because one person wears one, does not mean they will allow a lot of people to do it. And the smaller and more discreet the bow, the better. But I will try to match it perfectly with the colors, patterns and style so that it looks like it belongs, but that may mean I need to work with the design to achieve a well blended look for your costume. Also remember all patterns or intricate designs of your costume may not be replicated exactly as I use the materials I find in stores to get the best look I can.

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