Status of orders due to COVID-19

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well social distancing in the current state of the world. I just wanted to give an update as to ordering from us at this time!

Magical Ribbons is still accepting orders and working on getting the orders made and shipped out, but there are some things that might cause some setbacks to you receiving your order. I will go over some of the situations and let you know how that will impact your order.

  1. Stores that are non essential will close – This one is inevitable and will impact what supplies I have on hand. If your bow requires a supply that I run out of and would normally need to go grab more from the store, I won’t be able to do that until the stores reopen.
  2. They close the Post Offices – I will not be able to send out any orders until they reopen, but I will still be working on orders so they are ready to ship out as soon as they open!
  3. Total lock down for a period of time – I will continue to work on orders, but will not be able to get supplies or ship items out until the lock down is over.

Please understand these situations are out of my control and I am taking this time off of my other job to work on your orders and get them into your hands as soon as possible.

As is my policy during any other time, I will not be canceling or refunding orders as everything is made by hand to order based on your specific options chose for your custom handmade items.

Please stay safe, wash your hands, and practice social distancing from others so we can stop the spread of this virus from getting too bad.