Closing The Shop

After over 12 years it is time to say goodbye to Magical Ribbons.

Hi, its Hayley! At the end of 2011 I made some bows for myself and posted them to tumblr. The Disney and theme park community found my designs and shared them across the world for people to see. Before I knew it at 18, I was running my own business. You the followers and customers have helped me time and time again get out of toxic situations and hard places in my life and I can never begin to thank you for that. I have met so many wonderful people who have turned into some of my closest friends, and I could have never done that without you.

Trends have passed, social media has changed, and I cannot keep up with Magical Ribbons anymore on top of my full time job. I really enjoyed doing this for so many years, but it is hard in this day and age to be one person running an entire small business.

Here is the most important part to know before you order.

I will be closing for new orders within the next 2 months. I will not be restocking any materials, so items will run out fast. Many designs use the same materials and nothing is premade. So I could run out of a material at any time including if you have already placed an order for an item that said “In stock”. I will go first come first serve with orders. In the event that I run out of a material and cannot create the design exactly to the picture, I will email you and offer you these options:

  1. Let you know of a slight moderation I can make to the design.
  2. You may pick out another bow design of any price cost. No additional upcharge.

Refunds will not be an option if this situation happens,, but I will work with you to find the best solution.

Thank you so much for your support over the last 12 years, it hurts my heart to have to say goodbye but its time to move on to new things. My social media will still be active going forward and maybe I’ll start creating and selling in a new way in the future.